Student Resources


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Explore the vibrant events happening on campus and online. From academic lectures to cultural celebrations, there's something for everyone. Check out the full calendar of events on the WWU Events Calendar.


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On-campus housing and dining are available during the summer quarter. Summer residences are available for students registered for at least 5 credits, or who are participating in a WWU internship or field work. Learn more and apply for summer housing.


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Enjoy dining options across campus from major chains to local vendors. Students can add funds to their Western ID card; choose from meal plans or pay-as-you-go. Find out more about dining at WWU.

Employment Options

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Need somewhere to work while taking summer classes? Check out opportunities for on-campus employment. The Career Services Center can help you find off-campus employment.

Grants and fellowships can help fund exciting graduate and research opportunities.


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WWU encourages students to use public transportation, bicycling and walking to get to campus.

Bus passes are free for all students registered for 1 or more credits on campus. Those taking off-campus courses can opt-in for the Active Transportation Fee that provides a bus pass.

Find out more information on parking locations and fees.


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Stay active over the summer with the Wade King Student Recreation Center and Lakewood Boathouse. Students enrolled for at least 6 credits on the main campus are already gym members, and those enrolling in less than 6 can join for a fee. Lakewood is open to all students.