Face-to-Face (FTF) Courses

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Just a few of our face-to-face offerings for summer 2024:

General Chemistry Series with Lab

Scientists in lab coats and gloves conducting an experiment with a test tube.

CHEM 161 and 162

Writing About Literature

A stack of books on a table.

ENG 202

Physical Geography

A majestic snow-capped mountain surrounded by clouds, creating a breathtaking and serene landscape.

ENVS 203

Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art

A woman in overalls passionately painting on a canvas, expressing her creativity through vibrant strokes.

PHIL 355

Physics with Calculus Series with Lab

A blue background with dots and lines.

PHYS 161 and 162

Behavioral Neuroscience

A person holding an MRI scan in a hospital room, examining medical images for diagnosis and treatment purposes.

PSY 220

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Online Courses

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Just a few of our online offerings for summer 2024:

Intro to Computer Game Development with Lab (SYNC)

A woman diligently working on a computer in a professional office setting.

CSCI 103

Foundations of Visual Communication (ASNC)

An individual multitasking on a laptop and desktop computer, focusing on their work with determination.

DSGN 211

Personal Investing (ASNC)

A finger pointing at a graph on a tablet.

FIN 215

American Political System (ASNC)

The iconic Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., representing the heart of American democracy.

PLSC 250

Education, Culture, and Equity (ASNC)

A group of children happily playing with wooden toys, fostering creativity and imagination.

SPED 310

Intro to Sustainability and Society (ASNC)

A close up of leaves.

UEPP 202

Field Study Courses

Field courses offer a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and enjoying the beauty of summer in the Pacific Northwest. Visit Browse Classes for more details. Below are our field study course offerings for summer 2024.

Wetland Plant Identification

Two individuals observing plants, displaying curiosity and interest in botanical specimens.

ESCI 477

Field Methods and Theory

A group of individuals walking through a vast field, enjoying the serene surroundings and the beauty of nature.

GEOL 409

Geologic Mapping

An individual sits on a mountain top, holding a water bottle, enjoying the scenic view and refreshing themselves amidst nature's beauty.

GEOL 410

Study USA

Faculty-led Study USA programs provide an opportunity to have hands-on study and service learning experiences throughout the United States. Choose from a variety of programs led by Western faculty throughout the year and earn Western credits.

Contact if you are interested in leading a program.

Exploring Great Cities: Honolulu, Hawai'i

A group of people posing for a photo.

ENVS 368

A individual with a backpack strolling through a narrow alleyway, exploring the hidden paths of the city.

Education Abroad Programs

Immerse yourself in new environments and cultures with WWU Education Abroad!

Travel with WWU faculty this summer and earn credits while you explore the world.

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