Web4U Registration

Web4U/myWestern – Internet Student Services System

You will access Web4U (web registration) via myWestern; however, first you must create a universal login and password.

  1. Go to WWU’s homepage at wwu.edu.
  2. Click on myWestern link in the upper, right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Click on the blue sign in button.
  4. Click on “Activate Account” and follow the instructions.

Once you have the universal login and password, log on to myWestern and click on the Web4U icon on top of the page. You will be directed to enter your W# and PIN and then will be prompted to create a new PIN which must be a minimum of 8 characters, alpha and numeric. Your initial, temporary Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be your date of birth in the following case-sensitive format ddmmmyyyy (ex: 03apr1980).

You are responsible for your conduct on the electronic registration systems. Students who tamper or attempt to tamper with the registration records of another student, including but not limited to, dropping or adding courses and improper use of overrides, may be subject to disciplinary action.

Unable to Register Due to a Hold

If you are unable to register due to a hold on your account, go to myWestern, Web4U, Student, Student Records, View Holds. Contact the department listed in the description of the hold for additional information or to clear the hold. For example, a "SA" hold indicates an unpaid balance on your account; contact the Student Business Office. See Registration Holds for more information.

Registration Errors

If you experience difficulties while registering online, make note of the "Registration Add Error" message. Please contact the professor or the academic department for error messages concerning things such as department/college requirements, pre-requisites, closed classes, class standing, and overrides.

Variable Credits

Some courses are offered for a variable number of credits. When registering on Web4U for a course with variable credit, you will be registered for the minimum number of credits for the course. It is necessary to return to the Registration menu to change the number of credits. Click on Change Variable Credit Hours and enter the correct number of credits.

Beginning the sixth day of the quarter, students must submit written permission from the instructor to the Registrar’s Office to increase the credits.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have satisfied all prerequisites and restrictions before registering for a course. Students who register for a course without satisfying prerequisites may be required by the instructor to withdraw from the course.
Due to pedagogical reasons, some courses are restricted to certain levels of students (students who are declared majors or those who have received special permission from the instructor). Restrictions are listed in the online Timetable or in ClassFinder and are subject to change by the departments.