Student Resources

Summer Session Resources for Students

We want you to have a great, successful experience this summer. Additional resources and links to more information are included below. If you are unable to find the answers you are looking for, please contact us.

Summer Session Scholarships

Western is pleased to offer students the opportunity to apply for the Summer Session Scholarship for Undergraduate Students.

Disability Resources for Students

If you have a documented physical or learning disability and need academic accommodation, initiate a request for services through Western’s Disability Access Center website, or call (360) 650-3083; TTY (360) 650-3725.

Veterans Information

Students who wish to receive Veterans benefits to attend Summer Session should contact the Veterans Office.

Applying for a Bachelor’s Degree and/or Residency Teaching Certificate

Degrees and/or residency teaching certificates are not automatically awarded when requirements are completed. It is the responsibility of the student to create and send an application to the Registrar’s/Certification Office no later than the last day of regular classes, two quarters prior to the final quarter. Complete instructions for applying for a Bachelors Degree or Residency Teaching Certificate are online. Contact Woodring's Office of Certification & Accreditation for details or questions related to teaching certificates.

Institutional Policies and Procedures

Western attempts to make students aware of academic policies through the online publication of the University Catalog, other printed materials and in advising sessions. However, it is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with those policies and to be aware of any policy changes that may occur. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information regarding policies and procedures. However, these practices may change prior to catalog revision. Email Summer Session or call (360) 650-3308 for further information.

Please refer to the Western Catalog for University Policies (click on Academics on the blue menu, then click on University Catalog) for more information.