Refund and Withdrawal Policies

Refund Policies

Refund Date Deadlines
(6 to 9-week sessions)

Start Date June 20
Last Day for Full Refund June 26
Last Day for Half Refund July 7


Less than 6-Week Courses


  Start Date Full Refund Half Refund
3-5 week courses Through June 26 June 26, by midnight None
3-5 week courses After June 26 Must withdraw before
the 2nd class meeting
Less than 1 week courses After June 26 Must withdraw prior to
1st class meeting

Withdrawal Policies

Dropping a Course 6- or 9-Week

Dropping a course before midnight, June 30 is considered to be a change of initial registration and the last day to drop a class without incurring a “W” grade on an official transcript (“XM” code appears on unofficial academic history only). You are still responsible however, for the associated tuition and fees (see Student Business Office's Refund Policies).

Course Withdrawal

Withdrawing from a course after midnight, June 30, is considered late and results in a W grade. Discontinued attendance without an official withdrawal results in a failing grade (F or Z).

Dean’s Withdrawal

The purpose of the Dean’s Withdrawal is to assist a student who is unable to complete the quarter or a class due to compelling circumstances beyond their control or due to a significant hardship (such as incapacitating illness or injury). You can download the petition by visiting the Student Life Office website. You will need to contact Financial Aid (if you receive financial aid) to inquire about how an approved Dean’s Withdrawal will affect your current and future financial aid. The impact on student financial aid may include the mandatory repayment of already disbursed funds.

Impact of Withdrawal on Federal Student Aid

When you withdraw, there may be significant impacts to your financial aid eligibility for the current and future quarters. Please see Financial Aid Withdrawing from Western for detailed information. You are strongly encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office at (360) 650-3470 or financial.aid@wwu and the Student Business Office at (360) 650-2865 or prior to withdrawing.