Making Payments

Methods of Making Payments

For more information on payment options, visit the Student Business Office.

Late Payment Penalties

Late payment may result in one or more of the following actions:

  • Late fee and interest charges added to your account
  • A hold placed on your account that affects registration, graduation, transcripts, and other University services

How to Avoid Late Fees

 Following registration, check your WWU Online Student Account via Web4U

  • Register by midnight, June 26.
  • For most short courses 3-5 weeks in length, register by the second class meeting.
  • Pay on-time and immediately if you add a course late.
  • Pay by eCheck or credit card via Web4U for immediate application to your student account.
  • Allow 7-10 days for mail to reach Western. Payments are credited when received, not when mailed.

Failure to Pay Tuition

Tuition and fees are due Tuesday, June 20.

If you fail to pay the full amount of tuition and fees by July 15 at 4 pm, you may be charged a late fee. Since the payment due date falls after the 100% refund period, you will still owe tuition and fees, even if you have decided not to be enrolled for the quarter.

If you decide not to attend Western after you register for classes, it is important that you formally withdraw from the University on Web4U as soon as possible to avoid incurring charges (see Late Payment Fee for additional information.)